Carlos Lainez

Carlos Lainez

Artist, entrepreneur, community leader, and teacher are a few words to describe Carlos “Junk” Lainez. With 17 years of experience painting graffiti, he has created art at the Wynwood walls and throughout Miami.

These days, he works out of Junkyard Studios tattoo and art gallery. This hub for creatives has become a very popular place in Hialeah since it opened its doors in 2010. Not only has he provided a place for talented tattooers to work, but local and non-local artists alike come by to design, or partake in the occasional art classes.

Amongst other things, Junk has helped out his community with the city council and the board of cultural affairs. As a member he contributed building the Leah Arts District, Hialeah’s, first developing arts district. With the help of his Junkyard Studios team he’s organized food, clothing, and toy drives to give back to the less fortunate throughout Miami done with the strength of him and his team. You can follow him and his work on Instagram @junkroxxx and @junkyardstudios.

That’s So Hialeah

What is your favorite Hialeah memory?

My favorite Hialeah memory is definitely working with Paul and Meagan, together, to help build the Leah Arts District. It’s a weird memory. But I’m very proud of the amount of time we spent together to build an idea that has become reality.

What is your favorite place to order cafecito or restaurant in Hialeah?

Chicos on the late night is the best spot in town to get some great food or cafecito. Another place is Tu Pan, where you can exclusively get the best Pan con Bistec on planet earth.

What’s the first thing you do when you visit Hialeah?

I don’t visit. I live it.

What’s your favorite Hialeah saying?

Only in Hialeah!

What do you love most about Hialeah?

Definitely the people. I love this city because of the people that make it what it is. Hialeah is filled with unique characters. In all my travels I’ve been able to explore different corners of the United States, but I’ve never been to a place that is anything like Hialeah. It’s definitely special.