Christina Hernandez

Christina Hernandez

Christina Hernandez is a DJ and an all around creative soul. Christina, always focused on her passion for music, became a DJ at a young age. She felt there was a void in electronic music that she needed to fill. Throughout Christina’s DJ career, she’s DJ’d for clients like Adobe, CAA Sports, Miami Beach Centennial, Art Basel events, Wynwood Art Galleries, Wynwood Life Festival, City Gazettes Issue Release Party and many more.

Klangbox.FM, one of Miami’s most popular eccentric local radio stations invited Christina, also known as DJ Vak Devi, to become a resident DJ broadcasting live every Wednesday. Christina was approached by Alternative Arts, formally known as MAM Youth Arts, about teaching kids how to DJ. She’s been teaching kids how to DJ for 3 years and is now the Miami Director at Alternative Arts.

That’s So Hialeah

What is your favorite Hialeah memory?

My childhood friends. We all went to Barbara Goleman Sr. High and lived relatively close to each other. We’d walk to our houses, work out at Slade Park and practice our dance routines in their empty parking lot.

What is your favorite place to order cafecito or restaurant in Hialeah?

Hmm, that’s a tough one! There’s a bakery in every corner. It’s very easy to drive into any shopping center and stumble upon a bakery – their all good.

What’s the first thing you do when you visit Hialeah?

Go to the famous Hialeah Flanigan’s. It’s an easy reunion with old buddies, good food, and cheap drinks.

What’s your favorite Hialeah saying?

“Cojelo con take it easy.”

What do you love most about Hialeah?

How close everyone is. It’s a ride-or-die community. Full of pride!