David Verjano

David Verjano

David is a social media consultant with a passion for developing Miami’s creative culture. He is founder of Verjano Communications – a digital marketing agency. David’s experience includes managing and advising over 35 brands across multiple social channels. David enjoys sharing insight about entrepreneurship, digital strategy, and creativity and speaks at events like Florida Social Conference, Florida International University, and Social Media Club South Florida.

Website: DavidVerjano.com

That’s So Hialeah


What is your favorite Hialeah memory?

Going to grade school. I never physically lived in Hialeah but I went to school there from 2nd grade through high school. So, my most lasting friendships and childhood memories were built in Hialeah. It’s my second home.

What is your favorite place to order cafecito or restaurant in Hialeah?

Yoyito always had a full breakfast with cafe con leche for like $4. Other cafeterias had similar prices, but that’s the one near my alma mater, Hialeah High, and next to my grandparent’s house. However, now that Pincho Factory opened it’s my new go-to spot.

What’s the first thing you do when you visit Hialeah?

If I’m driving to Hialeah, it’s likely to visit friends or family. These gatherings usually involve food, drinks, cafecito, and maybe even a serious game of dominoes.

What’s your favorite Hialeah saying?

Alabao! It just rolls off the tongue and feels good when you say it, for whatever reason.

What do you love most about Hialeah?

The cultural background and history of people like my grandfather, who dropped everything they knew in Cuba and came to a foreign country with children, very little money, and barely any English skills. Those people paved the way for my generation to have the opportunities that they didn’t have. I’m immensely grateful for that.