Ferny Coipel

Ferny Coipel

Born and raised in Hialeah, Ferny Coipel is a father, musician and producer. His band and recording studio of 28 years, The Shack North, are both Hialeah originals.

In 2008, Ferny was given a proclamation by Mayor Robaina for his contributions to the arts, music and the community.

His words to live by are, “love each other everyday.”

That’s So Hialeah


What is your favorite Hialeah memory?

Watching Santa Clause fly in on a helicopter and land at Palm Springs Mile on 49th street while the Budweiser horses and carriage sat on the ground waiting to parade him around. Then, going to G.C Murphy’s for a vanilla coke with my mom.

Not to mention, the closing down of 49th street for the yearly parade.

What is your favorite place to order cafecito or restaurant in Hialeah?

Ordering cafecito is rather uneventful because it is so commonplace. However, my favorite place to watch Hialeah characters and their an interesting exchanges while waiting for my cafecito is El Major Batido de Hialeah on west 4th avenue and 29th street.

What’s the first thing you do when you visit Hialeah?

Well, I don’t visit Hialeah because I live here. But, if you are visiting Hialeah I suggest you go up and down 49th street to stop and capture the boatload of Cuban culture.

What’s your favorite Hialeah saying?

“No es lo mismo una pelota negra de cuero, que una negra encuera en pelota” Also as much as it makes me cringe, I also like, “dale!”

What do you love most about Hialeah?

I love that Hialeah is filled with people who solve different types of problems. The city is a problem-solving machine. Also, Sunday mornings at any Cuban bakery are pretty telling.