Lucy Lopez

Lucy Lopez

Born and raised in Hialeah, Lucy Lopez is an award-winning radio personality. She has had some pretty intimate conversations with popular artists she admires, like Iggy Azalea, Bruno Mars, Fifth Harmony, Nick Jonas, and Miami favorites, Pitbull, Rick Ross, Flo Rida and Sean Paul. These many moments transformed her into a pop cultureanalyst with flair, as her feisty radio personality is crafted for Miami’s colorful audiences.

Listen to Lucy Lopez LIVE every weekday morning on WPOW/POWER 96 where her quick-witted humor and comedic timing dominates Miami’s airwaves. In addition to her radio show, Lopez has a strong social media following (@thelucylopez) and blogs for &

Lopez currently resides in Miami, Florida with her husband, Geno, and their two daughters.

That’s So Hialeah

What is your favorite Hialeah memory?

Way before I worked for Power 96: The Hialeah Springfest once had the Spice Girlson their stage courtesy of POWER 96! It was their first-ever appearance on American soil. I remember thinking, “Bro, who are these crazy girls!”

What is your favorite place to order cafecito or restaurant in Hialeah?

When in Hialeah, the only cafecito I enjoy is made by my Tia Nidia. So, La casa de mi Tia Nidia has the best cafecito.

What’s the first thing you do when you visit Hialeah?

I immediately take all the shortcuts to wherever I’m going, the kind of shortcuts that only real Hialeans know. Like turning into Palm Springs Hospital and taking the back way to go straight to Tres Monitos.

After that, the first thing I really do is go to Morro Castle and have the little old lady make me un Batido de Mamey (Sapote) – cause that’s #HialeahLife.

What’s your favorite Hialeah saying?

Hialeah: agua, fango, y factoria.

What do you love most about Hialeah?

The mamey-colored houses with the bars on the windows! To me that’s life. We are the only city that proudly paints our homes that color, slap bars on the windows and don’t have smoke detectors. The reason: PRIDE!